Alex Lopez is originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, which attributes to his work ethic at SPO.

Warehouse Management at Solar Power of Oklahoma

Alex Lopez, Solar Power of Oklahoma’s metro-area warehouse management, knows about hard work. Now in his fifth year with Solar Power of Oklahoma, the commitment Lopez shows to going above and beyond characterizes his work and life.


“I started out on an installation crew, and I really liked the job because there’s always something different to do,” said Lopez. “When I started here, the business was new. I’ve basically been here since the company started, and if God lets me, I hope to be here until I retire because I like the way they do things. They treat their employees like they treat their customers: with dignity and respect.”


Supporting his co-workers who, in turn, provide outstanding service for SPO customers, is what Lopez aims to do every day. His days start early, with a two-hour commute to Oklahoma City from his home near Clinton. His wife of four years, Julie, works as a receptionist at a doctor’s office in Weatherford.


“I get up at 3 a.m. to make the drive. It’s a four-hour round trip commute each weekday, but that’s fine. I work 10 to 12 hours every day and then drive back,” he said. “I love my job and I love my wife, so this is how I’m happy at work and at home.”


Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, he explains his work ethic as a matter of family pride.


“I like to be the best at everything. The way my dad taught me is to give 100 or maybe 110%,” said Lopez. “I always push myself and give it my all to know that I did my very best. I like to help people, help the guys out on the crews since that’s what I was doing before and help make the company better.”

J.W. Peters, SPO president, recognizes Lopez’s outstanding contributions to the company.


“The work ethic we see in Alex is just tremendous. Since he’s been on the job doing installations, he knows exactly what’s needed and how to help,” said Peters. “It makes for not only an outstanding, efficient team but also brings first-hand perspectives to our leadership. Ultimately, our customers are better served when we have people like Alex providing optimal support.”


Lopez has been working from a young age, doing manufacturing and janitorial services, Spanish language interpretation and other roles as needed. He came to the U.S. in 1996 at the age of 16 to help his Dad, who was paying off a mortgage on the family’s home in Mexico.


Lopez shared, “I saw my Dad’s stress about paying for the house, so I skipped college and worked with him in Dallas. We did janitorial services for large retail stores at night, which was physically demanding. After the store closed, we cleaned until early morning. In 2001, I encouraged my Dad to return home and start his own business. I promised to support him financially so he could work for himself and pay off the house. I continued working in that manner for six and a half years.”


Lopez enrolled in English language classes for about four months and moved around to Oklahoma, Arizona, Colorado and back to Texas before settling in Oklahoma, where he has lived for 12 years. His work ethic has never failed him, and he passes those lessons on to his stepdaughter, age 7.


“Treat others the way you want to be treated,” said Lopez of his life philosophy. “Respect everyone. Show up and do the work. Make yourself a person others can count on.”


Through his work at Solar Power of Oklahoma, Lopez has found more than just a job, with SPO’s culture of diversity, equity and inclusion. He considers the role a fulfilling career, with room to grow.


“I tell everyone I can about the benefits of solar power because a lot of people don’t know how it can be a solution with electricity going higher and higher, with no end in sight,” said Lopez. “Especially now with the tax break, I mention it.”


An important incentive for new customers is the 26% federal tax credit, a direct deduction of equipment and installation costs available through 2022.


Solar generation systems provide a long-term investment for homeowners and commercial property owners, with significant savings on utility bills. On average, houses with solar power increase their residential property value by at least $15,000.

See 12 reasons to consider going solar this year. 

Peters summed up Lopez’s contributions with his perspective on the company’s values.

“I say all the time, at SPO we hire on character,” he said. “With Alex, I have no doubt his way of approaching the job is a positive example for every member of our team.”

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