“If there was to be a major event where we lost power, we could continue living the way we’re living.”

Homeowner John McCosh of Piedmont, OK is clear about his reasons for seeking solar power. He sees it as essential to independence and the ability to provide electricity for his rural home without relying on external sources.

“If there was to be a major event where we lost power, we could continue living the way we’re living,” said McCosh, who wanted to have the option to be less dependent on local utility providers. “Living off the grid if necessary was a good reason to start looking into it.”

After reading the book “One Second After” by author and historian William R. Forstchen, McCosh began to consider the importance of being self-reliant. He evaluated his options for a year or two while checking into price, warranty and options for local service. McCosh settled on Solar Power of Oklahoma for installation, which was completed in October 2019.

“We are really pleased with the system overall, and I would recommend it to others,” he said. “Our utilities have gone down quite a bit, and we’re prepared for anything now when it comes to our power system, especially since we already had a generator installed for back-up.”

McCosh suggests that all consumers do their research and have a clear idea of what they expect to get out of solar power to help guide their decision. While the federal tax credit is an excellent incentive, he cites the investment as something worthwhile.

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