As another year passes, we have accumulated many new common questions about solar panels, batteries, and their practical benefits. Here are the top 10 questions from our customers, answered. 

1. Will the electric company pay me for the power my solar panels produce? 

A major benefit of owning your power with solar panels is a system called net metering. Net metering allows you to earn credits or payments from your utility company when your panels produce more electricity than you use, by feeding the excess back to the grid. Each month, your utility will then credit you back the net of what your panels produced. 

Typically, our solar advisors aim to offset someone’s energy consumption by 80-90%. What that translates to is increased home value and thousands of dollars saved over the lifetime of your panels. Want to see how many solar panels fit on your roof? Use our incredible solar calculator to get an instant ballpark estimate. 

2. Is solar free in Oklahoma? 

In Oklahoma, you can go solar for zero down with a competitive financing rate. However, solar panels are not free. With financing options and government rebates like the 30% federal tax credit, owning your power with solar becomes an affordable option for many homeowners. 

3. What do solar panels do to my home’s value? 

Residential solar power systems have been increasing home values in Oklahoma for years. Also, properties with solar in Oklahoma often attract buyers looking for lower utility bills and modern energy solutions. Zillow did a recent study in the U.S. that found that homes with solar panels increase the home’s value on average by 4.1%

4. How do solar panels do against hailstorms or wind? 

When looking for solar panels for your home, you can be reassured that the solar panels we install are designed to withstand extreme weather, including hail and high winds. Our panels undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can handle such conditions. 

Our Tier 1 solar panels we install both residentially and commercially can withstand one-inch hail at 50 mph winds, which is the same testing and grading as a typical Oklahoma shingled roof. 

At Solar Power of Oklahoma, we’ve installed over 120,000 solar panels in Oklahoma, and we so far have only lost eight to hail.  

5. How do solar panels affect my insurance? 

Adding solar panels might slightly increase your home insurance premiums due to the increased value of your property. We typically see our customers’ insurance raise about $5/year when adding solar. Consult with your insurance provider for more specific information on getting residential solar power panels installed. 

6. How do batteries for home backup work? 

Looking to keep the lights on when the grid goes down? We’ve got the battery backup solution you need. Our company is the #1 battery installer in the state of Oklahoma. We don’t have only one battery to offer, we have several different solutions that will fit your family’s and your home’s needs. 

We install popular battery names like Tesla, Enphase, EG4, ARK, and more. Whether you want to start with installing a smaller battery to keep your refrigerator and a few outlets going during an outage or going completely off-grid, our company’s Advanced Technical Crew (ATC) has the knowledge to get the job done right to pair with your residential solar power. 

Batteries also qualify for the 30% solar tax credit. 

7. What incentives are available for solar panels? 

After the Inflation Reduction Act was passed it locked in the 30% federal tax credit till 2034. Currently, there are no state incentives, however, we do offer a $500 discount when you come to take a tour at either our Tulsa or OKC locations. 

8. Is my house good for solar panels? 

 If your home has a good east, west, or south-facing roof face and you are currently paying an electric bill – then your home is probably a good fit for solar. If you want a free instant ballpark estimate for solar using our solar calculator, click here. 

9. How long before I see returns on my purchase of solar panels? 

Your return is based on a lot of different factors that are best discussed by scheduling an appointment with one of our world-class solar advisors. However, we can say that a typical ROI for a residential system is 8-10 years. For businesses, a typical ROI is less than 5 years. 

10. Why should I purchase solar panels from Solar Power of Oklahoma? 

Our company was born and raised in Oklahoma. We travel down red dirt roads and jump through every hoop necessary to make sure our customers are taken care of. From permitting to interconnection and Permission to Operate your system, our dedicated project coordinators are with you every step of the way. 

Our installers are our employees, we never sub out our installations to third-party vendors. Are you tired of the out-of-state solar door-knocking companies? So are we. Our company has been featured over 7 times in the news this year because of how many customers we’ve helped get out of faulty contracts with bad solar providers. 

We champion solar for every Oklahoman and will always take the right path. If you’re interested in solar for your business or your home. Thank you for tuning in this year and supporting an Oklahoma-based company to help people’s futures look a little brighter. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the entire Solar Power of Oklahoma team. 

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