Cutting Operating Costs and Meeting Net Zero Goals with Commercial Solar

1. Cutting Operating Costs

One of the biggest reasons Foundation Energy invested in solar for their Saltwater Treatment Plant in Calvin, OK was to reduce operating costs. For the next 30 years Foundation will not only have a commercial solar panel system that will reduce emissions for their site, but they will also be able to take advantage of the tax credits associated with the project.

One of the most persuasive reasons for businesses in Oklahoma to invest in a commercial solar panel installation is the potential for significant cost savings. With electric rates on the rise in the state, the ability to generate your own electricity can lead to considerable reductions in operational costs over time. Solar Power of Oklahoma’s commercial solar services are leaps and bounds ahead of anyone in the state and we can attest to our Commercial Solar Division and their attention to detail they bring to our commercial solar customers throughout all stages of the project.

The benefits of solar energy for commercial buildings begin day one, offering a sustainable way to decrease monthly energy expenses. As businesses look towards maximizing efficiency and cutting costs, solar power continues to emerge as a compelling solution.

2. Access to Attractive Government Incentives

The financial viability of commercial solar installations is further enhanced by government incentives. For instance, the 2023 updates to the U.S. Department of Energy policies include a 30% Investment Tax Credit for commercial solar projects under 1MW AC. Additionally, we have assisted businesses with REAP Grant applications offers up to 50% coverage of solar project costs for rural small businesses.

These incentives not only lower the initial investment for industrial solar panels, but also improve the return on investment for the entire projects, making commercial solar panels a savvy financial decision for Oklahoma businesses and municipalities.

3. Commitment to Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

ESG, Net Zero Goals, and corporate responsibility in relation to sustainability is growing at a rapid pace in Oklahoma. Our Commercial Solar Division can create carbon emission models to meet net zero goals for individual business locations to apply to a larger corporate goal.

The City of Norman has been leading the way in sustainability for years, and in 2020 they invested in commercial solar panels for their UV Composting Plant, just south of highway 9 near the university. This 78-panel project not only reduced the site’s operating costs, but also added to the city’s ongoing sustainability goals.

Adopting solar power allows businesses to visibly commit to sustainability and environmental responsibility. This commitment can strengthen a company’s brand image and appeal to a growing segment of consumers and clients who prioritize green initiatives. By generating renewable energy, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint, contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and support the global movement towards achieving net zero goals.

4. Enhanced Energy Independence

Solar power provides businesses with a pathway to energy independence, reducing their reliance on traditional power grids. This independence is not only a step towards sustainability but also offers a buffer against rising energy costs and potential supply disruptions. With their own solar installations, businesses can ensure a more predictable and stable energy supply, which is particularly valuable in sectors where energy demand and reliability are critical to operations.

5. Long-Term Reliability and Low Maintenance

Solar power systems are renowned for their durability and low maintenance requirements, making them an ideal long-term investment for businesses. Modern solar panels are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and can provide reliable energy generation for decades. With over 120,000 solar panels installed in Oklahoma, SPO can proudly say that our commercial solar panels will stand the test of time. Additionally, our Commercial Solar Division aims for long-term partnerships that will serve our customers for years to come, which is why we also offer O&M contracts to service and monitor panels when necessary.

In conclusion, commercial solar panel systems present Oklahoma businesses with a unique opportunity to reduce energy costs, benefit from government incentives, demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, achieve energy independence, and enjoy the reliability of a low-maintenance energy solution. As the state and the nation move towards a greener future, businesses that adopt solar will not only lead the way in environmental stewardship, but also enjoy a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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