One of SPO’s most valuable customers, Bill Swigert, speaks on the importance of solar and conservation.

Oklahoma City resident Bill Swigert is clear about his reasons for choosing solar power and his satisfaction with the decision.


“I was interested in solar power because of my concern for the environment and lack of movement on the part of our politicians to do something about it,” said Swigert. “I wanted to take control of my own destiny and get something done. The price point for solar power now makes it an attractive alternative.”


Swigert had been considering solar power for several years but became aware of the 26% federal tax credit available to customers who have newly completed their solar power system installation. Financing options, including a 0.99% interest rate, are available to Solar Power of Oklahoma (SPO) customers.


“All I had to do was pass on the paperwork to my tax preparer and we were good to go,” said Swigert. “The process was seamless, and there were zero up-front costs because it’s wrapped into the financing, so the investment cuts down on this notion you need cash up-front. You don’t. In fact, what you save on your power bill would pay off your loan, so you wouldn’t even notice the difference versus traditional utilities.”

Swigert and husband Shane Wilson agreed to make solar power part of their household, and installation took place in November 2019.


Swigert credits the use of apps to identify which areas in his home where electric use is higher.


“Our savings has been just tremendous,” said Swigert. “The system is paying for itself. We can run high energy items during the day and don’t have to draw any power off the grid at all. Our last power bill was $12, and the one before that was $10. We’re charging electric yard equipment, including a mower, clipper and hedge clipper, without paying a penny to run those.”


Supporting a locally-owned and operated business with the ability to have customer service solutions nearby rather than in another state was also appealing.


“J.W. Peters is the president of SPO, and I know him to be an outstanding person. He’s a friend of mine, and I chose to go local because I know J.W.,” said Swigert. “Everybody has been great to work with. A team came out to do the installation, and it was just half a day twice, basically one day total. All their installers were friendly and personable, and it went very fast.”


Swigert recommends other homeowners consider solar power.

“The future is now,” he said. “Solar power through SPO is an ideal way to meet your personal and social goals in a way that is truly inexpensive.”

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