Solar Power of Oklahoma installs the EV charger for the first Ford F-150 Lightning Owner in the State

Oklahoma drivers have purchased more electric vehicles in 2022 than ever before, with more than 3,000 additional EV cars on the road, according to comparative analytics site Stacker.com. The site ranks Oklahoma as #29 in the nation for EV use. Inflation, gas prices, and environmental impact drive consumer spending and household decisions.

“It’s an ever-evolving situation as one manufacturer after another continues to commit to 2035 or another year of their choosing, some sooner rather than later,” said Solar Power of Oklahoma CEO Kevin Jones. “Just about every manufacturer has an overarching goal related to more sustainable technologies for dominant use in their vehicles.”

Solar Power of Oklahoma addresses EV charging concerns for local homeowners, including the first owner of the new Ford F-150 Lightning.

The all-electric SuperCrew Cab is the first large truck of its kind to market, powered by a 98 kWh lithium-ion battery. With an
average retail price of $78,000, competitive features pair with all the perks of EV ownership, including the ability to drive up to 320 miles on a single full charge. Trade journal InsideEVs reports the approximate cost of charging the Ford F-150 Lightning as $1,107 per year, which works out to $92.25 per month or $23.06 every week. 

“I’ve been fascinated with the technology for some time now and was primarily

interested in its real-world application. I wanted to know how it would perform for myself

Pagel decided to purchase the truck after comparing it to the traditional performance of an internal combustion engine.

Solar Power of Oklahoma installed the truck’s official charger, a 
Ford Charge Station Pro, in Pagel’s garage. His previous setup with a mobile power cord leading to an outbuilding is improved, charging now completes within eight hours.

“It is important to also look into additional features and options for a thorough understanding of their capabilities,” said Jones. “For example, you can plug the Ford Lightning, an F-150 electric truck, into your home. There’s a common misperception powering an entire home could happen by simply connecting the truck. Auto transfer switches are actually required to avoid injuring linemen and disconnecting the home from the power grid becomes necessary. Ensure clarity and hire licensed electricians for EV charger installation in homes.”


Solar Power of Oklahoma is certified by Tesla Energy and luxury brands like Audi, VW, BMW, Jaguar, and Porsche.

“We now install four to five EV chargers per week,” said Jones.

Find out more about how the company is working to meet growing demand for cheaper EV charging solutions.

Solar Power of Oklahoma’s certified technicians can help you find out about affordable options for powering your home and EV. Find out about 
financing details, including federal tax credits, low interest rates available to homeowners and return on investment for utility and transportation costs.

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