Tesla Solar Roof Efficiency – A World of Difference

Elevate your home’s elegance and resilience with Tesla Solar Roof, the premier energy solution that seamlessly blends solar technology with sophisticated design. Crafted with glass solar tiles and robust steel roofing tiles, Tesla Solar Roof’s durability not only enhances your home’s aesthetic appeal but also offers enduring quality.

Experience the perfect synergy of style and sustainability, and take a step towards a refined living experience. Engage with one of our world-class Solar Advisors through an exclusive virtual consultation to discover more about this transformative energy innovation.

Tesla Solar Roof and Powerwall Compliment Your Home

Seamlessly install Powerwall and Solar Roof for the perfect whole-home integrated technology. With Solar Roof and Powerwall you will experience 24/7 energy security and peace of mind.

Your Powerwall will store the energy you produce with Solar Roof so you can power your home anytime—at night or during an outage.

What Can We Provide as a Tesla Energy Certified Installer?

Tesla Solar Roof FAQs

  • What is innovative about Tesla Solar Roofs?+

    Unlike solar panels, which are affixed to your current roof, Tesla Solar Roofs replace your entire roof, turning it into a solar array. Comprised of tempered glass PV tiles, Tesla Solar Roofs provide the same level of protection you’d expect from a traditional roof, while also generating enough electricity to keep your home powered.

  • Q: What is a typical wait time for a Tesla Solar Roof installation?+

    A: Materials are always available from Tesla for a Solar Roof install. SPO’s current wait time for a system to be installed is about 10-12 weeks right now. A smaller project could move more quickly, but we like to stray on the side of caution. Factors such as Oklahoma weather, the availability of materials from Tesla, and permitting processes with an electric company may also slow down the project.

  • Q: Is the pricing for Solar Roof all inclusive?+

    A: Your quote for Solar Roof will include all materials, installation and any electrical connections (barring any electrical outside of scope such as a Main Panel Upgrade). Powerwalls are not included in Solar Roof pricing.

  • Q: Can I receive the 30% Federal Tax Credit?+

    A: Yes. The 30% Federal Tax Credit can be applied to your Solar Roof’s overall cost. That total cost includes materials and installation. The credit can also be applied to any Powerwalls installed when it is combined with a Solar Roof project. Please contact your tax professional for further assistance on the 30% credit.

  • Q: How does a Solar Roof differ from traditional solar panels?+

    A: The kilowatt production for Solar Roof and traditional solar panels is similar. Both reduce your carbon footprint and can help you gain independence from the city grid.

    How they differ is that traditional solar panels are fixtures installed onto your existing roof while Solar Roof is the roof. Rather than adding PV modules onto your existing roof, Tesla Solar Roof replaces traditional roofing materials with active (PV) Solar Roof tiles along with inactive roofing materials that look the same from the ground. These tiles are extremely durable, and, since they’re integrated into the roof rather than bolted on, they give your home a sleek, modern look. Another added feature is that Solar Roof is already designed to integrate with products like Tesla Powerwall.

    Because the Solar Roof tiles are smaller than traditional PV modules, you can fit them in many different roof geometries, which results in higher energy density than can be achieved with traditional PV modules.

    Both Solar Roof and traditional solar panels are great options for your home. However, we feel Solar Roof is a step above in terms of aesthetics, luxury and maximum kW production.

  • Q: What areas do you service?+

    A: We service the entire state of Oklahoma. Lawton, Broken Bow, Grove, or Enid – no matter what corner of the state you’re in, no distance is too far for us travel. If you’re investing in Solar Roof, Solar Power of Oklahoma will invest in you.

  • Q: How much energy can a Tesla Solar Roof generate?+

    A: Tesla Roofs can produce enough energy to provide for virtually any size home, given the proper amount of sunlight is available.

    Our Tesla Solar Roof installers will tailor the roof to meet the unique power needs of your home. The power produced by your roof is determined by the number of PV (photovoltaic) tiles required to fulfill your power usage needs. Each PV tile is capable of generating up to 72W of energy. The configuration of your roof will also determine how many tiles are required.

    We will check your local municipality to ensure your roof meets all requirements on how much kW it’s allowed to generate.

  • Q: What types of roofs work well with Solar Roof ?+

    A: Telsa Solar Roof is installed on typical sloped-roof with an ideal pitch ranging from 2:12-12:12. Tesla Solar Roofs are most effective when the roof has large, rectangular slopes with good south-facing exposure. Roof simplicity is key. A “busy” roof composed of numerous dormers, gables, accessories, and metal details is not an ideal candidate.

  • Q: How long does Tesla Solar Roof take to install?+

    A: A typical Solar Roof install schedule is 3-4 weeks. Depending on the size of the home it could be faster or slower. Upon receiving your estimate we will deliver a timeline to set proper expectations for your installation.

  • Q: Are there financing options for Solar Roof?+

    A: Yes. Solar Power of Oklahoma has a number of financing partners that make paying for Solar Roof possible. Please inquire for current financing rates and terms.

  • Q: Is Solar Roof a tile or a shingle?+

    A: While Solar Roof has an appearance similar to both tiles and shingles, it is a unique PV tile. A typical Solar Roof Module consists of a factory-built assembly with integral fasteners. Accordingly, resistance to wind loads has been evaluated through multiple test methods applicable to both roof covering types as well as PV mounting methods, including UL 1897,
    ASTM D3161 and UL 61730 (Mechanical).

  • Q: How much does solar roof weigh?+

    A: Solar Roof’s complete assembly weighs approximately 3.1 psf (15 kg/m2) for textured tile. These figures include all elements above the roof sheathing or above the existing roof covering when overlaid with Tesla underlayment. We will account for the weight of any existing or additional layers of roofing material, as may be applicable to heavy weather regions of Oklahoma.

  • Q: Can you walk on Solar Roof?+

    A: Yes. Solar Roof is engineered to safely withstand applicable live loads required by the building code for steep slope applications. However, to ensure safety and maintain maximum roof life, walking should be avoided except by first responders and trained Solar Roof installation professionals. This is a common recommendation for other high-end roof types, including slate, clay, concrete, and composite tile products.

  • Q: How is the system grounded?+

    A: Unlike traditional PV modules and racking systems, Solar Roof PV and Roofing Modules do not incorporate any accessible metal components. The only metal materials on Solar Roof are the drip edges and valley/hip/ridge materials. Inactive tiles will also be metal.

    By eliminating accessible metal on the roof that might become energized in the event of a fault, Solar Roof does not require connection to an Equipment Ground Conductor (EGC) until the array wiring exits the roof.

  • Q: What other electrical safety features have been incorporated into Solar Roof? +

    A: Wire management features built into Solar Roof support all wiring to protect it from anything that might cut or abrade its insulation. Because the system is enclosed, the wiring is protected from vermin and contact by people. Additionally, Tesla follows all requirements for a rapid shutdown which is accomplished with the Tesla MCI.

  • Q: What happens if a tile breaks or is damaged on my Solar Roof?+

    A: Repairs for Solar Roof are pretty straightforward. Solar Power of Oklahoma’s service team is equipped with spare parts on hand to make any fixes required. All Solar Roof parts are covered under warranty.

  • Q: How much of the roof is made up of Photovoltaic (PV) tiles?+

    A: Your new roof is likely to be between 30% and 70% solar panels. We work with Tesla designers to optimize panel placement for unobstructed sunlight. This means prioritizing south-, east- and west-facing exposures. If we cannot meet your desired or recommended system size using S, W, and E facing planes, we have no problem adding PV tiles to North-facing mounting planes.

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