During this Teacher Appreciation Week, we are overjoyed to extend a heartfelt thank you to our state’s educators. We are offering an exclusive $1,000 discount on residential solar systems to Oklahoma’s teachers as a sincere expression of our gratitude for their noble commitment to shaping young minds.

At Solar Power of Oklahoma, we deeply recognize teachers’ impact on our communities. They are not just educators but the guiding light for our future generations, sharing their knowledge and wisdom with our children. As an act of appreciation, in response to their selfless service, we are presenting this special discount as a tribute to their honorable work.

On top of that, with every solar system we install that a teacher initiates, we will contribute an additional $500 to the respective teacher’s school.

J.W. Peters, President of Solar Power of Oklahoma, shares, “My wife is a teacher, and her dedication to her students has inspired me to create this special discount and support Oklahoma-based schools. Their commitment to education deserves recognition, and we hope this offer brightens their day just as they brighten the lives of so many students.”

Educators wishing to embrace this opportunity are encouraged to reach out to us at 405-608-0095 or visit our Teacher Appreciation Page.

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