Spring, with its themes of hope and renewal, has arrived in central Oklahoma after a long winter. Extreme weather conditions have impacted our community this year in particular, with surprisingly harsh winter storms. As we look to summer, the opposite extreme will soon bring the blistering hot days our state is known for, with high energy bills to match.


Utility Electric Rates Will Continue to Increase


Electric rate increases are predicted to take effect in the second half of the year. Recent weather events have intensified speculation about how much those increases will be and when they will take effect. Homeowners are already wondering about future energy bills for their household in both the long and short term, which has prompted interest in renewable energy as an optimal alternative.

Investing in solar can be one of the most effective ways to prevent high energy bills and the inevitable uptick Oklahomans will see in their monthly bill over the next several months.

Dollar for Dollar, Investing in Solar Makes Sense


Return on that investment can happen in as little as eight years through incentive programs and net metering, a system that allows homeowners to build up credits for off-use times through their utility company. Read about one customer’s experience, including how his bill went from $200 per month to just $20 per month.


Federal tax credits of up to 26% are available to reduce your overall tax burden for 2021 and low-interest financing options make installation feasible. In addition to the immediate benefit of lower energy bills, appraisals average an additional $15,000 more on homes with solar power systems in place.


Go Green This Spring


Other benefits like reducing your carbon footprint with fewer carbon dioxide emissions increases sustainability for years to come. This spring could be your introduction to green energy.


Spring is a perfect time to transition away from traditional utility providers in preparation for the year’s hottest days — and biggest energy bills. If you have questions about solar energy, please reach out to us by filling out the form below. Through all the seasons of the year, we’re here with sustainable solutions.

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