“The greatest thing about having solar is I’m essentially letting the sun pay my bills.”

‘Solar is the future.’ Edmond homeowner says lower bills are one reason to go solar


One thing Brian Bennett knows plenty about is Oklahoma weather.


Bennett has lived in the state most of his life. He’s been through consecutive 100-plus degree summer days. He’s experienced the consecutive days of pipe-freezing, bone-chilling conditions Oklahomans sometimes endure from late fall throughout the winter.


Bennett’s familiarity with worry over home energy bills, though, is a thing of the past since he chose Solar Power of Oklahoma to install a system at his Edmond home in December 2019.


“It’s an investment that just keeps giving,” he said. “I invest far less time thinking about energy bills these days.”


Why choose Solar Power of Oklahoma?


Bennett’s decision to choose solar power for his Edmond home began at a family farm in rural northwest Oklahoma.


Bennett said the minimal solar equipment used on the Arnett farm inspired him to consider solar options for his 20-year-old suburban home north of Oklahoma City. After researching solar installation resources, he chose Solar Power of Oklahoma.


“I’d been in touch with companies in Arkansas and Texas,” he said. “I was fortunate to find Solar Power of Oklahoma. I started conversations with them a year before I had my panels placed. They always answered my questions.”


At the time, Bennett said, there were factors that made installations in Edmond problematic. But once the city cleared up those issues, SPO updated Bennett with the necessary information.


“I said, ‘Okay, let’s take the next step.’ A couple of guys came out and showed me where the best place for the panels would be, and how many panels it would take.


“They weren’t pushy about the sale at all,” he said. “I expected the hard sell, but they didn’t pressure me. It was all about educating me, answering questions, and teaching me. It was very refreshing.”


How has solar affected his energy bill?


Since his installation went active in January 2020, Bennett says his initial feeling that it would make sense to make the switch has been confirmed.


“I was paying at least $200 to $300 a month for electricity before,” he said. “Now, I’m paying a much smaller bill plus investing in a system that will work for me as long as I’m living here. I have a source of power that’s offsetting any financial costs, and the financial outlook gets better and better as I pay off my system,” he said. “I sure don’t miss the previous winter energy bills.”


Bennett added that SPO’s service has continued to impress him during his years benefitting from his installation.


“I’ve had no conflicts with Edmond or SPO concerning my system. Any time there’s been an issue, SPO always notifies me quickly and gets it resolved,” he said.


“The greatest thing about having solar is I’m essentially letting the sun pay my bills,” Bennett added. “Solar is the future.”

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