Linda S. shared her electricity with her neighbors and still had a low monthly electric bill.

Oklahoma City resident Linda Nees can speak to the usefulness of solar energy. Now a Solar Power of Oklahoma customer for more than two years, she was actually interested in the possibility of solar for more than two decades before deciding the time was right to make the switch.


“I’d been thinking about solar for probably 20 years but it was always so expensive,” said Linda.


With a budget in mind for her investment, Linda took the time to look into her options. A DIY-approach for permits and installation proved too cumbersome, which ruled out contracting with companies in states like Arizona and California. An Arkansas-based company also offered an estimate but on-site troubleshooting would not be an option with the out-of-state provider, a fact that led her to seek local solutions.


“It was maybe a few weeks after I got the other quote that I saw Solar Power of Oklahoma and because it said ‘of Oklahoma’ that’s why I called,” said Linda. “It was half the price that the other one had quoted, in at most, a month’s time between the first and the second quote.”


Her experience as a Solar Power of Oklahoma customer has proven optimal.


“This house is just barely over 800-square feet but it’s 100 years old, with no or very little insulation in the walls. We’ve put more in the ceiling but our bills with electric heaters would be $400 to $500. Our highest bill with Solar Power of Oklahoma was $249 during that February ice storm.”


The historic winter storm, which impacted customers in Oklahoma and Texas, resulted in power outages throughout the region. However, Linda did not experience loss of power. In fact, she was able to share access to electricity with her neighbors, with OG&E for back-up at night.


“Our neighbor across the street lost power, so we had an extension cord going to her house,” Linda explained. “Our neighbors to the east also did not have power, so we ran another extension cord to the main house but also to a renter in their garage apartment. At that point, we were helping three other houses besides ourselves. We still had power during the storms but the houses around us didn’t.”


Linda’s electricity bill last May registered a pleasant surprise, her lowest bill yet at no charge: $0.


“During the summer, electricity cost us just $15 per month even with running the air conditioner,” she said.


Find more information about how solar power tax credits work. Find out how solar works and see our list of 12 reasons to go solar in 2021. If you would like more information about the process, please reach out to us using the form below. As Linda mentioned, we’re always here to help with local services and alternative energy solutions.

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