The story of an Oklahoma-based solar advisor investing in his own industry.

Financial considerations are an important part of any major purchase, and we often hear related concerns from customers considering home installation for solar.

Jeff Jarrett, one of our solar advisors here at SPO, is quick to point out one key fact about his role: numbers matter. Estimates and percentages fill his days as he helps customers do the math to determine if solar power makes sense for them.

“Math is always my go-to when it comes to evaluating the feasibility of solar power for a family home,” said Jarrett. “People can say whatever they want but numbers do not lie. I wish more people were aware of the financing options available with the installation of solar power systems because they’re really not paying any more than they would with their regular utility service company-provided electricity bill.”


Jarrett, whose degree is in biomedical engineering with a minor in mathematics from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, describes himself as “a numbers guy.” He recognizes the potential for positive environmental impact at low or even no additional cost to consumers.

See seven reasons you should take a second look at saving with solar power. The ability to complete installation with no money down and take advantage of tax credits with dollar-for-dollar reimbursement of up to 26% are standout facts homeowners should be aware of as they consider solar power.


“The fact that we have the ability to offer our customers a 0.99% financing rate is something they can bank on for steady electric costs. Their rate will stay the same for that loan period while traditional utility rates are likely to climb,” said Jarret. “So while rate hikes can impact the broader market, our customers will be paying the same because what they’re paying is locked in and will just be consistent month after month. After the system is paid off, they’re just paying a very minimal electric bill with solar, which we’ve seen as low as $10 and even some at $0 from our customers.”

Jarrett sees system installations as beneficial for family homes where the owners intend to stay for a significant period of time.


“It’s really an investment in your ‘forever home’ that pays for itself while making lower utility bills possible,” he said. “We often see higher values upon reappraisal of properties after installation once that system is paid off, too.”

Year-over-year installation of solar power systems increased 43% nationwide in 2020 and additional growth so far in 2021. From January through July of last year, we installed 51 systems for residential customers. For the same time period this year, we’ve already installed more than 140 systems, which is a 275% increase. The uptick is a testament to both consumer demand and trust in the company’s approach to both installation and maintenance.


“We think there are a lot of factors contributing to not only our growth but the growth of our industry,” said J.W. Peters, Solar Power of Oklahoma president. “Fears about rate hikes and recent problems with the stability of the traditional electric grid, along with rising energy costs, are leading some homeowners to install solar systems and battery backup systems of their own. Since we started our business, we’ve installed 1,500 systems throughout the state. The growth happened slowly and then all at once.”

Local service is a benefit Jarrett knows about firsthand. He prides himself on being the first point of contact for customers.


“I’m proud to be the go-to person for our customers. The way we’re trained and taught really makes a difference. It’s my reputation out there and I know being honest pays for itself,” said Jarrett. “I always get out a business card and show our Oklahoma City address to people interested in solar power and ask them to come by our office, meet the team and see why we’re different. Local service means we can get out to anyone who needs us and our customers are our priority. I’m in the car a lot. I’ve enjoyed seeing Oklahoma. My girlfriend and I adopted a puppy last week from a customer, there’s one I buy farm fresh eggs from and there’s another who always makes me a carrot cake on my birthday. It’s really a people-centered business with the way Solar Power of Oklahoma operates.”


Jarrett isn’t just a Solar Power of Oklahoma employee. As a new homeowner, he just became a customer, too. His solar power system installation was completed Sept. 1. Personal commitment to conservation and the ability to control costs contributed to his decision.


Having recently gone through the process himself, Jarrett is always willing to sit down with homeowners and help them consider whether solar power is right for them, by the numbers.


If you would like to hear from a solar power advisor, fill out the form below and Jarrett (or one of his qualified co-workers) will reach out.

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