Fostering an optimal business culture includes offering opportunities for a job promotion. At Solar Power of Oklahoma, we are proud to contribute to local job creation and our employees’ professional development. We’re excited to announce that three of our teammates have received promotions.

Noah Beall achieved promotion to commercial operations manager, while Cayden Ridgeway assumes the role of commercial sales manager. Dalton Jones, a recent team addition, earned promotion to the commercial solar division.

“We are grateful for our employees’ commitment to serving our customers. In keeping with our company values, we hire on character and seek to reward excellence,” said SPO President J.W. Peters. “There is room for our professionals to continue a positive career trajectory within the company. These promotions exemplify the way we choose to do business: with transparency and a forthright approach to professional success.”

SPO boosts staff for better in-house services, benefiting customers through streamlined operations.

Beall recognizes the potential for employee longevity within the company’s positive culture.

“At SPO, I have been empowered and encouraged to further my skills, knowledge base and leadership abilities at a very fast pace which has caused a rapid transformation in my career. Just a few years ago, I was managing an install team in the field, and now I’m overseeing an entire sector of the organization,” said Beall. “One of the amazing things about being in a field that’s growing as rapidly as renewables is that the sky’s the limit for career growth.”

Ridgeway agrees.

“I have been given the ability to lead the way into new facets of our solar industry as well as to develop or train our sales teams in a way that focuses on strong product knowledge and high ethical standards,” said Ridgeway. “I don’t know that I could have done this anywhere else and am incredibly grateful to continue this pursuit alongside them.”

Jones sees the potential for additional expansion into more commercial properties.

“Grateful for the chance to support solar industry growth in my new Commercial Solar Division role. Interest in commercial solar has expanded and I only see that trend continuing over the next decade,” he said. “I am proud to be part of the team as more Oklahoma businesses make the move to solar.”

Solar Power of Oklahoma is among the Journal Record’s 2022 Best Places to Work in Oklahoma. Our Tulsa facility and Oklahoma City-area showroom opened earlier this year, with more than a dozen new full-time positions.

Peters attributes the company’s growth to increased demand.

“Increasing staff levels in critical areas is a key component to continuing to offer the outstanding services our customers know they can count on for solar power as a vital service,” he said. “Since opening in 2017, we have reported year-over-year growth, with a 275% increase in system installations in 2021.”

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