The City of Norman has embraced renewable energy for years. With things like inflation and rising energy costs, the city has chosen to add municipal solar panels to their sites, which Solar Power of Oklahoma has been integral in. Now, saving money with solar panels for your home in Norman is a great way to save money, too.

Unforeseen storms and grid outages are synonymous in Oklahoma these days. We have a lot of solar customers in Norman who have invested in solar plus battery backup for their home, and experience a level of security whenever the power goes out. There’s two massive benefits to adding solar and batteries to your home: 1. You will save money on you monthly electric bill and 2. You will add grid resiliency the next time you need to keep the lights on.

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We have had Norman-based solar advisors in Norman for nearly five years and we choose to serve our communities with exceptional customer service, top-tier solar panels, and battery backup options to keep the lights on in case of an outage. Our company’s main goals are to help homeowners save money on their energy bills, keep their home powered if the grid goes down, and install EV chargers when customer switches to an environmental friendly vehicle.

Invest in your home and reduce your carbon footprint with a local solar company who has been in Norman for years. Our company is Oklahoman through and trough. We use our own employees and will never sub out to third-party installers.

Our local Norman solar power advisors can answer all of your questions about what it takes to go solar in Norman, Oklahoma. Ready for a free estimate? Let’s talk.

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Home Solar Installation Process

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1. Estimate and Proposal

One week. A Solar Power of Oklahoma site survey specialist completes a one-hour assessment of your home. Once complete, you’ll review your project proposal with a consultant and discuss tax credit eligibility with your accountant.

2. Design and Engineering

24 hours. You’ll choose your solar system’s size and sign your contract. Solar Power of Oklahoma will draft a project plan set and complete a professional engineering review.

3. Permit Application

10 — 20 days. Solar Power of Oklahoma will submit a stamped plan set and building and electrical permit application to the necessary Oklahoma energy and regulatory authorities.

4. System Installation

One to two days. You’ll schedule a convenient day & time and Solar Power of Oklahoma will order equipment and install your solar system.

5. Inspections

One to two weeks. Solar Power of Oklahoma will schedule a meter swap and electrical & building inspections with the necessary Oklahoma energy and regulatory authorities. You’ll provide access for the meter swap and the inspections, which each take about one hour.

6. Permission to Operate

One to two weeks. Solar Power of Oklahoma staff will handle any necessary city and municipal permitting from start to finish.

Have you installed solar panels in Norman, OK?

Yes, the picture adjacent to this text was the very first municipal solar panel installation for the City of Norman. We installed 78 solar panels for the city’s UV Composting Plant, which is still producing power and serving Norman citizens to this day.

It doesn’t stop with commercial solar: we have been installing residential solar panels for years in Norman. One of our very own solar advisors lives in Norman and has his own solar panels and battery backup for his home. At Solar Power of Oklahoma, we don’t just talk about installing solar, we live out our solar installations by investing in the product ourselves.

When you choose Solar Power of Oklahoma residential solar power installation, you may choose to pay for your residential system upfront or you can finance your system. Once you’ve paid off the loan, you have free renewable energy and money back in your pocket for decades to come.


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Norman Solar Story – OU Professor Charges his EV with His Solar Panels

Professor and EV enthusiast Travis Gliedt has been a solar panel customer in Norman for years. He not only saves money on his electric bill with his solar panels, but also energizes his beloved Mustang Mach-E with the power of the sun.

By having an EV charger in his garage he can start every day at 100% battery. His solar panels are not only an investment into his home, but also as an investment into his everyday vehicle.

Interested in saving money with or charging your electric vehicle with solar panels for your home? Get an instant free ballpark estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are solar panels worth it in Norman?

Certainly! Solar panels liberates you from a high monthly electric bill and safeguards you against the escalating expenses of electricity. Additionally, installing solar panels on your Norman residence can contribute to potential tax benefits, like the 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit.

Are solar panels efficient on a flat roof?

Flat roofs perform just as efficiently as those on pitched roofs, when installed by the state’s premiere solar installer, Solar Power of Oklahoma. We know there are plenty of flat roofs and even more traditional types of roofs like metal or even a Spanish-style clay roof. We can install solar in Norman on any type of roof.

Can I install my own solar panels?

To install a solar energy system on your Norman home, you need to obtain a variety of permits as part of a complex process. We have a great relationship with the City of Norman, OG&E, OEC and successfully submit and retain permits and interconnection agreements on a daily basis. We recommend letting Solar Power of Oklahoma navigate the possible pitfalls in the permitting process so you don’t have to.

Replace my roof before installing solar?

If your roof needs repairs or replacement, there are options available that don’t prevent you proceeding with your installation by Solar Power of Oklahoma. In Norman, it is common to replace your roof before getting solar, as solar provides an extra protection layer for your new roof.

Is battery backup available in Norman?

Yes. Solar Power of Oklahoma offers a number of battery backup options to keep the lights on in case of an outage. SPO carries a number of battery brands including Tesla, Enphase, EG4, Sol-Ark, ARK, and many more. Contact us to learn what the most progressive system implantation will be for your home.

Are solar panels cost effective in Norman?

According to August 2022 data from the Energy Information Administration, the average monthly electricity bill in Oklahoma is $155.77. The average monthly solar loan bill? $77.70. Also, as a solar owner you can receive credits for sending excess energy generated by your solar panels back to the energy grid. It’s never made more sense to go solar.

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