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At Solar Power of Oklahoma, we’re proud of what we do, and we’re blessed to be able to give back. Our President’s wife is a teacher and with three kids at home he understands that families have struggled over the last year.

Simple things – like cleats, band uniforms and even reams of copy paper can cost money that schools and families don’t have.

That’s why we’re launching Solar for Students, a new fundraising program that allows schools, sports teams and student activity groups to raise money for the things students need to succeed and allows us to share our passion – solar energy – with people across Oklahoma.

Whether you need new uniforms for your soccer team or operating dollars to help your school get through a tough time, we want to help.

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01: How it Works

Now through May 31, Solar Power of Oklahoma is offering $50 to the school or extracurricular program of your choice for simply talking through solar energy options with us.

These zero-pressure consultations last approximately 45 minutes and focus on providing information, answering questions and assessing eligibility for solar energy.

If your appointment results in the purchase and installment of a solar energy system, we will give $500 to the school or program of your choice.

Friends and family who sign up for an appointment with a Solar Advisor may also credit their $50 to your student or program. Ready to start fundraising? Click the link below to register.

02: Who can participate?

  • Participants who complete a consultation  will receive a $50 credit to their designated program. 
  • Adults who would like to participate but do not qualify for solar may still benefit by sharing Solar for Students with friends and family who wish to complete a consultation benefiting their designated program. 

Ready to register? Click here to get your team registered or to sign up for your zero-pressure consultation.

03: How to Participate

  • Visit the registration form to get registered for a zero-commitment consultation with one of our Solar Advisors.
  • One of our amazing Solar Advisors will reach out to you to schedule an appointment.
  • Following your appointment, your designated school or program will receive payment after the Solar for Students program closes on May 31, 2021.
  • Share Solar for Students with friends and family to maximize your student or program’s earnings!

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