The only seven reasons you’ll ever need to go solar.

There are few sure bets for reducing cost of living and making a sound investment when it comes to household expenses. We often hear from homeowners who wonder about the upfront costs of installing solar power and if it’s too good to be true. We love helping our customers save money and find out about the benefits of solar power, which is surprisingly affordable and also helps most households save on utility bills, raise property value and more.


Here are seven info points that shine a light on how solar power saves our customers money:


There’s actually no need to put money down: If we were in the electronic billboard business, our PSA would flash the words “no money down.” The most common misconception we hear is from families who assume they can’t afford solar power because of installation costs. Bonus: We have a deal running now for new customers. If you sign up for solar before the end of summer, we will make your first year of payments. Ask us about our summer sale and apply before Sept. 1, 2021.


Low interest rates + lower utility bills = savings: Financing options are available for homeowners, with the ability to stretch payments over 10, 15 or 20 years at 0.99% interest with approved credit. The financing options available often make the cost of installing solar more affordable than their monthly utility bills, which are significantly reduced, too. It makes our day when a satisfied customer shares their utility bill with us, like this $0 one from Oklahoma City customer Linda Nees last winter.


Get a direct deduction with federal tax credit: The federal solar tax credit allows homeowners to deduct up to 26% of their solar installation, labor, sales tax and certain other expenses. Dollar-for-dollar, it’s yours to claim and deduct from your annual federal tax filing. It is not a rebate but rather, a reimbursement. Pro tip: Customers can include the purchase of add-ons like batteries or a gas generator at the time of their system installation to include as part of the deductible items.

Add to your home’s value: A Money.com analysis using data from Zillow.com in 2019 found an average value-add of 4.1% to homes throughout the country when a residential solar power system was part of the home, which would be $9,274 on a $226,300 home. That return on investment simply doesn’t happen with municipal utilities.


Protect your wallet from rate hikes: Take control of your ability to prevent unanticipated rate hikes utility companies will doubtlessly be implementing year after year. Monitor your household usage through our app and modify it according to individual needs.


Build up credits on the grid: Flip the switch with net metering, the process by which solar customers can build up credits and put power on the grid. Offset your bill and help keep it low. Learn more about net metering!


Take advantage of referral bonuses: Share your experience with others, invite them through our app and you’ll get $1,000 if they become a customer, too.

If you own a home and are looking for savings in both the short and long term, we are the best local service provider. Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our customers, talk with our solar advisors and find out more about the solar process.

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