Ever since the solar industry began in Oklahoma, we have been at the forefront of customer service excellence and technological advancement. Out of our 3,000+ customers, almost all of them have saving money on their mind when they schedule an appointment with our solar advisors. We have the experience, certifications, and service aptitude to make sure you get the absolute best roof mounted solar system you can find in Oklahoma.

We have rescued dozens of orphaned solar panels, left behind by out-of-state door knocking companies who over promise and under deliver. We are here to stay and have proven so with:

  • Over 120,000 solar panels installed in Oklahoma
  • NABCEP Certified
  • Enphase Platinum Installer
  • Oklahoma-based Owners and Employees

Whether your goal is to save money with solar, add battery backup for when the grid goes down, or a combination of the two – we’re here to meet and exceed your expectations. We’ve traveled the red dirt roads, the city streets, and everywhere in between to install roof solar panels – when you call on Solar Power of Oklahoma you can trust you’re being taken care of by the best solar energy company in the state.

Are Roof Solar Panels Right for Your Home?

Solar Power of Oklahoma

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Roof Solar Panels

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Oklahoma-Based Owners and Employees

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Enphase Platinum Installer

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Tesla Energy Certified

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Is it worth getting roof solar panels in Oklahoma?

Yes. For years, Solar Power of Oklahoma has been serving their 3,000+ customer’s all across the state of Oklahoma. We’ve helped families keep the lights on during tragic storms, installed gas generators for family members with dialysis, and over the six years we’ve been a company saved our customers over $30,000,000.

Solar power significantly reduces your monthly electric bill, protects you from inflation, and can qualify you for the 30% Federal Tax Credit that will all save you money over the lifetime of your roof solar panels. Choose the #1 local installer in the state, choose Solar Power of Oklahoma.

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Roof Solar Panels Testimonial

Steve has been an architect his entire career. He has a knack for nice designs and clean lines, so when he knew he wanted a quality roof solar panel system he called Solar Power of Oklahoma.

It was our expertise and attention to detail on the customer service side that sold Steve on his system. It wasn’t a flashy sales proposal or same-day close tactics, we treated Steve and his wife with respect and were able to install his system in less than a day. Watch his video testimonial below on his experience with installing solar panels on his roof.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much do roof solar panels cost?

A good rule of thumb is that your roof mounted solar panels typically will cost less than your average monthly electric bill. In other words, we design your solar array to offset enough of your energy consumption so that the system’s purchase is economical and you see a maximum amount of savings each month.

To see an instant ballpark estimate use our online solar calculator.

Do solar panels damage roof?

No. In fact, solar panels act as a second layer to your roof that provides extra protection. Our solar panels are affixed to your roof with triple-seal technology that is 100% waterproof and does not cause any long-term damage to the roof itself.

What type of roof is best for solar panels?

Answer: we can install solar on any type of roof.

With new technologies like ballasted solar panels for flat roofs and all sorts of footing options from UNIRAC, we’re confident we can install solar panels on any type of roof your home may present to our teams.

What kind of warranty do roof solar panels have?

Our residential solar panels carry a 30-year warranty. A Tier-1 panel rated by Bloomberg as one of the best panels on the market. Come see them in person at one of our Tulsa or OKC offices.

How many solar panels can I fit on my roof?

Our design teams take a lot of time with our customers solar designs. We take into account roof pitch, setbacks, obstructions, radiance, and every other outlier that comes into play when adding the maximum amount of solar panels to your roof.

The number of panels we can add to your roof are dependent on a number of factors:

  • Roof Size
  • Available Roof Space on the East, West, or South Roof Faces
  • Available Sunlight (Examining Possible Obstructions like Trees or Other Buildings)
  • Monthly Energy Consumption, and Potential Offset

We never oversize systems when designing for our customers. We design the perfect solar generation system based on the customer’s needs and consumption.

Want to see what solar panels look like on your home? Use our online solar calculator for an instant ballpark estimate.


Do solar panels have to be on the roof?

Yes and No. If you live within city limits it’s most likely you will favor a roof solar panel system for your home. However, if you live outside of city limits or own land you may be a good candidate for a ground mounted solar system. Both are great options and will see a great return on investment. Typically, it comes down to personal choice or available roof or land space for solar panels.

How do I clean solar panels on a roof?

In Oklahoma cleaning your solar panels are pretty simple. We recommend using a regular hose and a little bit of water on your panels. A light layer of dirt will hardly affect your panels’ production, so waiting on the next rainy day is also an ok option.

How do solar panels stand up to hail?

Our solar panels are rate for one-inch hail at 50 mph at a direct impact. This rating is the same as a typical Oklahoma shingled roof. We have installed over 120,000 solar panels in Oklahoma and have only lost eight solar panels due to hail. In other words, our solar panels can withstand any type of weather mother nature can throw at us.

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