“The panels basically pay for themselves.”

Kylah McNabb sees the value of solar power for both work and home.


Owner and principal of Vesta Strategic Solutions, a renewable energy consulting firm, Kylah offers strategic expertise on wind energy and climate science. Her career has spanned more than 15 years, with roles in research, advocacy and public education. Kylah has served as a renewable energy specialist for the Oklahoma Department of Commerce and an energy policy advisor to former Oklahoma Secretary of Energy and Environment Col. Michael Teague.


Adding solar power to the home she shares with her family in Moore was more a matter of when than if, she explained.


“Sustainability is part of my work, and renewable energy has been on my mind for decades. We were trying to figure out how we could do something more as a family but my husband and I assumed it would not be financially feasible at this phase, with young children at home,” said Kylah. “We thought it would be an investment in excess of $30,000 to $40,000 but that wasn’t the case. Between the available tax credits, low-interest financing and reduced utility bills, the panels basically pay for themselves.”


Kylah and her husband, Ryan, began the process by comparing several solar power providers.


“We are never ones to look at just one option. We got multiple quotes, including some from out of state,” she said. “Solar Power of Oklahoma was the best option for what we wanted. Apples to apples, SPO won out on dollar-for-dollar comparison, and it wasn’t like the high pressure sales pitches we experienced with some companies. The pricing explanation was simple and clear. Ryan is very discerning, but even he was impressed with the price and affordability.”


Their home system’s installation took place in July 2020.


“The entire process with the office staff and scheduling was seamless. It was easy and every person we dealt with at SPO was professional and patient,” said Kylah. “They made everything clear, even as my husband and I asked a lot of questions. I also want to emphasize how conscious and clean the installers were. With project clean-up at the end of the day, it was all contained. The installers were extra careful with our home and yard, which means a lot as a homeowner.”


The McNabb family has noticed significant savings on their utility bills, especially during the summer.


“Our house is a mix of electric and natural gas. We have had a remarkable difference,” said Kylah. “It is really convenient to track everything through an app. We love our home and this improvement adds value in the long run.”


Having solar at home brings Kylah’s commitment to conservation full-circle. She considers it an opportunity to teach the next generation about alternative energy.


“I grew up in north Texas and my parents had solar for hot water. There was a tube that went into the hot water tank and I just remember it being there, as part of our daily life,” said Kylah. “In fifth grade, my science fair project was a model of a playground designed to be accessible to all children. I used thin film plastic and crystal beads, where I put solar power on the equipment to keep the playground cool. Early exposure to different ideas matters.”

More than a year after installation, Kylah remains satisfied with her experience as an SPO customer. In her personal and professional opinion, the project has proven worthwhile.


“I knew solar power could be a great way to go, but SPO made it a fantastic experience. We saw it as an amazing opportunity to save money and make a positive impact,” she said. “Going solar is a big consideration for family homes but it made sense for our household from a financial perspective.”


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