Smart Hours vs. Solar – Our newest video on the cost savings of solar.

“The bills were about $200 a month. This summer, I don’t think we’ll be making an electric payment at all,” said Solar Power of Oklahoma customer Chris Hoyt. Hoyt and his family are excited about the savings they’re experiencing with their new solar power system.

Previously, the family had taken part in summer savings plans offered by several utility companies here in Oklahoma, but they weren’t seeing a big difference in their electric bills. Like so many, they were adjusting their schedules and their lifestyles to fit within the program parameters.

During the summer months, when the sun is high and the temperatures on the rise, utility rates are going up because the demand is also increasing. Meanwhile, solar customers are generating a lot of power, and a lot of that energy is going back to the utility company. This solar energy surplus means our customers are not seeing the big summer utility bills we’ve all become accustomed to receiving.

For the Hoyts, solar energy also means the family can return to a routine that fits their lifestyle while staying comfortable and enjoying the savings. “I’m able to do quite a bit more things with the power we have now,” says Heidi Hoyt. “We’re very happy.”

The savings they’re experiencing now will continue into the cooler months for the Hoyts as they are producing more energy than they are consuming.

“It’s essentially your meter running backwards,” explains J.W. Peters, President of Solar Power of Oklahoma. “You’re putting the power back on the grid for the utility to take and use but then you can take kilowatt hours off the grid when you’re not producing. Because of that, the savings keep coming.” 

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