We are incredibly grateful to welcome the Oklahoma Department of Commerce to our OKC Headquarters to showcase our solar operations to their staff.

 Recently, we welcomed officials from the Oklahoma Department of Commerce as part of a statewide focus on renewable energy. The Oct. 5 visit is one of many from local policymakers, customers, entrepreneurs and homeowners who want to learn more about  solar power.


“Since our business began in 2017, we have seen tremendous year-over-year growth in response to increased demand for renewable energy. Our role as a local employer has also led to local job creation, with dozens of additional roles rounding out our team,” said SPO President J.W. Peters. “We are proud to work with the Oklahoma Department of Commerce to highlight our contributions to the state’s economy and the bigger picture as a vital source for consumer-accessible renewable energy.”

Ray Little, Zach Thomas, and Peters discussed Oklahoma Commerce’s growth highlights in business retention and expansion.

Over 40% of Oklahoma’s electricity comes from renewables, like solar, wind, geothermal, biothermal, and hydrogen, says OK Department of Commerce. EV owners drive growth in low-cost charging options, and our staff tripled since 2021 due to demand and rate concerns.


“Learning about solar power’s impact informs our work. Understanding options and seeing local services enhance our vision,” said Little.


“Renewable energy jobs will grow due to the Inflation Reduction Act,” Thomas said. “Solar Power of Oklahoma shows its relevance for employment and informed consumer choice.”


If you would like to schedule a tour, please fill out the form below or call 405-254-7807.

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