“The inverter solar panels and batteries are all American made, and the quality seems wonderful in my experience”

When Steve and Deborah Blair moved from Edmond to Logan County about five years ago, the idea of having independent electrical power took on new relevance.

“We’re in semi-retirement mode and enjoy the country’s way of living. We’d gotten to the point where we would love to be able to have a backup power source in case of loss of power and liked the idea of being potentially somewhat self-sufficient,” said Blair, who started looking into the process more than two years ago. “We have a home and a cottage adjacent to the house on acreage. The ideal thing is the CREC [Central Rural Electric Cooperative] can buy power back from us to put onto the grid for shared use if we’re making more than what we would use.”

A lifelong Oklahoman, Steve is originally from Stillwater but graduated from the University of Oklahoma. He has been an architect since 1979 with Blair Remy Architects and Steven K. Blair, Architect, P.C.

“When I first Googled local solar power companies in our area, my experience started when Solar Power of Oklahoma was one of three or four that popped up. When I started looking at reviews, I noticed they had good ratings and good customer experience. Those factors are what led to me placing a call,” Blair explained. “I had it quoted with three or four companies but what made the difference for me was our solar advisor, Cayden Ridgeway. He had good answers for everything I asked about. He was knowledgeable and didn’t oversell us. A couple of companies tried to get us to sign paperwork while their reps were here, but with SPO, it wasn’t high pressure. As a person, the approach I take is I always want to think about it and pray about it before I sign on for a major purchase.”

Immediate availability and the fact that all products utilized by Solar Power of Oklahoma are made in the U.S. contributed to Blair’s experience in contracting SPO. 

Blair praised American-made solar panels and batteries for their quality, superior to imported products. As an architect, Blair recommends SPO’s professional services.

Installation was completed on Blair’s solar power system in late September.

“Everything up to now has been as Cayden stated. The process took 2-3 months. Excited for the savings! They work expeditiously and don’t leave a mess,” said Blair. “It seems like our last bill was around half of what it had been, but I’m expecting our next bill to be even more representative.”

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