New Employees Added for Even Better Customer Service

In response to the increased demand for jobs in renewable energy, we proudly announce the addition of seven new employees at Solar Power of Oklahoma.


From developing an optimal business culture for our more than 50 employees in Oklahoma City and Tulsa to offering opportunities for advancement, we are proud to contribute to local job creation. As SPO’s president, I have seen firsthand how our growth has positively impacted customers and employees as our business continues to play a vital role in the local renewable energy sector.

New employees added for even better service


Grant, Heiliger, Jones, and Miles are solar advisors, guiding customers from purchase to installation and maintenance. Jose Centeno’s role as a crew lead in the Oklahoma City office contributes to installation and warehouse coordination efficiency. Taylor Cusher, CAD designer, will work with in-house technical teams to streamline the planning process. Abigail Stewart, administrative assistant, will aid in coordinating office operations at Solar Power of Oklahoma’s headquarters.


“Our commitment to excellence is evident in all we do. Increasing staff levels in critical areas is a key component to continuing to offer the outstanding services our customers know they can count on for solar power as a vital service,” said Peters.

Spike in demand for jobs in renewable energy: Solar power across the state

Solar Power of Oklahoma is among the 
Journal Record’s 2022 Best Places to Work in Oklahoma. Our Tulsa facility and Oklahoma City-area showroom opened earlier this year, with more than a dozen new full-time positions. 


Solar Power of Oklahoma: 275% growth in 2021 as EV owners seek affordable charging and utility rate concerns rise.


J.W. Peters 
is president of Solar Power of Oklahoma.

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