Nimish Parekh and his wife understand the value of solar energy.

Nimish Parekh has witnessed firsthand the positive impact of solar power. He recognizes its potential for personal use and believes in its potential as a global energy solution.

Parekh, along with his wife, Judy Fong, decided to make the switch to solar for their home, commercial office space and the home of Parekh’s parents in January 2020.

“My Dad was always interested in going solar, so we all made the switch together for our homes and family business. This issue had been on our minds for a few years. After considering solar at length, we came to the conclusion that the timing was right for us, especially considering the federal rebate,” explained Parekh.

In addition to sustainability, family members who also work in renewable energy influenced the couple’s decision to consider solar power. Relatives from other states with direct industry knowledge were able to help evaluate the options available in Oklahoma. 

“We compared quotes from several different companies, and since I happen to have family in the business, we really relied on their ability to help us evaluate our options,” said Parekh. “Solar Power of Oklahoma’s set-up was the most fair and presented an accurate assessment for us. Our family members helped vet all the proposals, so they helped us evaluate what the appropriate price per watt rate for commercial and residential space should be. We felt really comfortable from a customer service standpoint too, with local service and having more technicians available nearby.”

Cost savings benefits became especially apparent last summer, during which Oklahoma’s hottest days of the year prompted higher air conditioner use.


“Overall, our bills were almost cut in half during those high use periods of the year, and it was even more for the office building,” said Parekh. “For example, our July bill at the office went from $932 for 2019 to just over $300 in 2020.”

Expanding solar power’s reach throughout our state is something Parekh is in favor of, especially with favorable conditions unique to our state.


“Oklahoma has an optimal amount of sun exposure and a high percentage of sunny days. We have the sixth best peak sun hours in the nation per some studies,” said Parekh. “It’s something we want to support as a part of the future, an integral piece of the conservation effort that allows every person in a position to use solar to do their part for that sustainability and the future of our planet.”

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