Experiencing Energy Independence with the Best Local Solar Company in Edmond

Solar in Edmond has grown exponentially over the past six years. Our journey with our Edmond customers, particularly with those looking to invest in innovative technologies, has been a testament to the transformative power of solar energy and the electrification solutions we provide.

Edmond’s Energy Transformation

In Edmond, we’ve witnessed a growing enthusiasm for solar energy. Our experience with a dedicated homeowner in Edmond exemplifies this shift. This homeowner’s initial installation in 2021 included 37 solar panels, to which he later added four more solar panels in 2024 to boost production. This of course all points to the goal of helping him step confidently towards self-sufficiency with his system.

The Power of Integration

Our approach to electrification goes beyond solar panel installations. We understand the value of a comprehensive energy system. That’s why this Edmond customer opted for four Tesla Powerwall batteries in his setup, ensuring that his energy needs are met around the clock, even during outages. These four batteries provide whole-home backup, which will keep his home running even during the worst Oklahoma storms.

But we didn’t stop there. The integration of two SPAN smart panels has revolutionized the way he interacts with his energy system. These panels not only enhance the efficiency of the Tesla Powerwalls but also provide granular control over his home’s energy consumption, offering insights that lead to smarter energy savings.

Driving Forward with Electrification

A pivotal element of our electrification solution is the Tesla Wall Connector, installed to power our homeowner’s Tesla Model X. This component underlines the synergy between solar panels, battery storage, and electric vehicle charging, creating a unified and efficient energy ecosystem.

Our subsidiary, EV Chargers of Oklahoma (EVCO), played a crucial role by installing this EV charger, demonstrating our expertise not only in residential settings but also in equipping businesses and fleets with Level 2 and Level 3 EV Chargers.

Tesla Powerwall and SPAN Smart Panels Unite

When these technologies—solar panels, Powerwalls, smart panels, and the EV charger—operate in harmony, they exemplify the essence of modern electrification. With the Tesla and SPAN apps, our homeowner enjoys unprecedented control over his energy profile, optimizing usage and ensuring energy is available when it’s most needed.

Particularly impressive, is the Powerwalls’ ability to anticipate weather changes, charging itself in preparation for storms, and ensuring resilience in the face of Oklahoma’s toughest storms.

Leading Oklahoma’s Electrification Movement

At Solar Power of Oklahoma, we pride ourselves on being at the vanguard of Oklahoma’s transition to a more energy-independent state. Our role in Edmond as the leading local energy company for solar, battery, and electrification solutions underscores our commitment to this mission.

Your Partner in Energy Independence

For Edmond residents and beyond, choosing Solar Power of Oklahoma means opting for a future where energy independence is tangible. By embracing solar and battery technologies, our customers aren’t just reducing bills; they’re claiming autonomy over their energy needs, setting a standard for self-reliance and innovation in Oklahoma.

We are excited to continue this journey, empowering more homes and businesses to take control of their energy future. With Solar Power of Oklahoma, stepping into energy independence is not just possible—it’s a partnership we’re proud to offer.

Take a further look at this Edmond, OK solar installation by watching the video below!

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