Ground mounted solar panels are a trusted and popular way to go solar due to a lot of Oklahoma homeowners owning the land necessary for install. Secondly, ground based solar panels are also very common place because high electric bills are also more common than ever.

We’ve installed hundreds of ground mount solar systems in Oklahoma and have perfected the structure, azimuth calculations, and boring to a homeowner’s meter to provide a clean and trusted experience. Our solar experts can help you decide if ground mounted solar panels are the right fit for you. Let us answer your questions today.

Are Ground Mount Solar Panels Right for You?

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Is it worth getting ground-mounted solar panels in Oklahoma?

Yes, it’s more than worth it to look at a ground-mounted solar system in Oklahoma. Solar power significantly reduces your monthly electric bill, protects you from inflation, and can qualify you for the 30% Federal Tax Credit that will all save you money over the lifetime of your panels.

Let’s talk azimuth. When putting solar panels on your roof your direction and tilt of your solar panels are dictated by the pitch of your roof. However, when we build solar ground mounting we get to design the perfect structure for you including the pitch, tilt, and a south-facing azimuth with a system placement between 15 and 40 degrees (Department of Energy).

When you choose Solar Power of Oklahoma you are choosing the #1 solar company in the state. Our Oklahoma-based installers are trusted and certified to get the job done for your ground mounted panels. We can’t wait to show the SPO difference.

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Ground Mount Solar Panels Testimonial

Chris officed near Solar Power of Oklahoma’s office years ago when we officed our OKC location near I-35 and Wilshire. He did not consider solar for a long time, that is, until he found out a ground mount for his solar panels was a viable option.

Chris and his family never looked back. They are saving more money now on their electric bill than they ever would have thought possible. Watch their video testimonial below on how solar compares to “Smart Hours” plans from some Oklahoma utilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put solar panels in my yard?

Yes. Solar panels installed on someone’s property in Oklahoma is a product we install frequently. For Oklahoman’s with land this is a very popular choice.

Note that installing ground mounted solar panels within city limits can be difficult due to permitting limitations, however outside of city limits this becomes much easier. For an option within city limits we recommend roof mounted solar panels.

Can you go off grid in Oklahoma?

Yes. This is a common misconception. As long as you have the following installed by a reputable and certified solar energy company like Solar Power of Oklahoma, an off-grid solar solution is 100% possible in the state of Oklahoma.

  1. Solar Production: entering a relationship with an off-grid solution is a lifestyle change and one where a homeowner will realize that their energy consumption will have to not go beyond the production of their solar panels.
  2. Battery Backup: additionally, not only will you need enough solar panels to provide for your entire home in the case of an off-grid solution or utility grid outage, you will also need the calculations to provide enough battery storage to last multiple days without support from the grid.
  3. Inverters: we provide a number of string inverter solutions for our off-grid customers, Sol-Ark being a popular brand we install, both their 12k and 15k inverters. An EMP hardened inverter is also now available.

Not only is an off-grid solution possible, we’ve installed multiple solar plus battery solutions for customers who are currently living off grid, or living on the grid with “off-grid capabilities.” Contact us today for pricing.

Is it cheaper to install solar panels on the ground?

No. A solar ground mounted system is typically 10-15% more expensive than roof mounted solar panels because of the cost of the parts needed to erect the ground mount structure and labor. However, erecting a ground mount structure also guarantees the perfect angle, tilt, and azimuth for your solar panels.

Do ground mounted solar panels need planning permission?

Yes. Not only are stamped plans sometimes required from our engineers, but also possible permitting documents from the respective city where you live. Our team of project coordinators handle all plans, permits, and interconnection agreements so your solar project is one fluid process from start to finish.

Is battery backup available with ground mount solar panels?

Yes. Solar Power of Oklahoma offers a number of battery backup options in case of a grid outage. We carry the widest variety of battery options in the sate including Tesla, Enphase, EG4, Sol-Ark, ARK, and many more. Contact us to learn more about keeping your lights on during the next big Oklahoma storm.

Ground Mount vs Roof Mount Solar?

The difference between these two solar solutions typically comes down to pitch, price, and preference.

  • Pitch: roof mounted systems work for the majority of our customers who are very happy with their systems. For others who own land and want a ground mount, picking the placement and pitch is sometimes preferred.
  • Price: like mentioned before, ground mounts can be 10-15% more expensive because of the cost of erecting the structure. However, because we install the most solar panels in the state, we have very competitive pricing due to our bulk solar procurement.
  • Preference: every customer has a different opinion on what will best fit their home’s needs. If you’re interested in seeing what solar would look like on your home or land feel free to use our free solar calculator.

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