Experience energy freedom by integrating solar panels and battery storage systems. Ensure continuous access to electricity when the grid goes down. Our grid resiliency solutions harness the sun’s energy to provide you with reliable power, even during grid outages, granting you the independence to stay connected when it matters most.

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The State of Batteries and Grid Resilience

In Oklahoma, grid resilience is paramount, and now, more than ever, it’s crucial to invest in backup solutions like batteries and gas generators. These solutions offer energy freedom and independence from the grid, ensuring that you have reliable power when you need it most.

With unpredictable weather patterns and potential grid disruptions, safeguarding your energy supply is a prudent choice that aligns with self-sufficiency and preparedness values. Don’t leave your energy security to chance; invest in backup solutions today for peace of mind and grid independence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of battery solutions do you have?

We have a number of different battery brands and solutions to help you keep the lights on during an outage. A few of the brands that we carry include Sol-Ark, Enphase, Tesla, EG4, Ark, and more. We have EMP hardened and military-grade battery options available.

Do you have EMP Hardened Batteries and Inverters?

Yes. We offer a number of different EMP hardened products, which we have already installed for some of our customers. Read more about EMP hardened equipment here.

Can I go completely off-grid?

Yes. The ability to go off-grid is possible through a number of different backup solutions like batteries and gas generators. We have installed complete off-grid solutions for our customers. An off-grid solution is atypical compared to our typical grid-tied systems we usually do, but that is due to the amount of solar plus batteries needed to provide a true off-grid solution.

What is a smart panel solution?

Have you ever wanted more control over your energy consumption in your home? A smart panel solution from providers like Savant or SPAN can provide you with the control to prioritize your “must have” circuits to ensure your home battery lasts longer in a power outage.

Will my solar panels re-charge my batteries during a storm?

Yes. With sufficient sunlight and solar production your panels can re-charge your batteries during a multi-day grid outage. Like the storm that hit Tulsa in the Spring of 2023, we had a customer who had solar plus battery storage who was able to keep on circuits of his choosing to maintain a livable situation while the grid was down. During the day his solar panels charged his battery, and at night he used that storage to provide for his home’s electrical needs.

Will the 30% Federal Tax Credit cover solar and batteries?

Yes. If at the time of purchase you loop in solar with batteries or a generator – the 30% Federal Tax Credit will cover all three solutions. This type of purchase is only possible by purchasing solar. You cannot apply the tax credit to a generator-only purchase. Please consult a tax professional for additional information on the 30% ITC.

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