Another Successful Tulsa Residential Solar Power Installation

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Tom Gilbert’s Solar Transformation in Tulsa

Tulsa, in recent years, has become a hotspot for solar energy, with residents like Tom Gilbert leading the change. After installing a 16.8 kW of solar panels on his roof, Tom saw a significant decrease in his electric bill, showcasing the financial benefits of solar panels in Tulsa, OK.

The Installation Experience with Solar Power of Oklahoma

Tom is a professional photographer and documented his entire install with us. All the photos in this blog were taken by him. You could say he was pretty excited to capture his installation day.

Every step of Tom’s install day was met with expertise and clear expectations. “If I had a question, they answered it.” Tom said. “My solar advisor was on site the day of the installation and was very helpful. All the installers were incredibly knowledgeable and respectful.”

Above all, the cost savings of solar were paramount for Tom’s decision to ultimately move forward with solar panels on his Tulsa home.

Financial Benefits of Solar Tulsa

The difference in electric bills before and after Tom’s installation is a strong endorsement of solar power’s financial benefits. From a steep $389 to a mere $32, his savings illustrate why many are seeking out solar panel installations in Tulsa.

The Solar Energy Landscape in Tulsa

Tulsa’s sunny days are a valuable asset for those considering solar panels Tulsa OK companies provide. The significant reduction in Tom’s electric bills post-installation is a clear indicator of the potential savings solar energy Tulsa can offer. Solar Power of Oklahoma has installed over 120,000 solar panels in Oklahoma, and many of those are producing clean energy in Tulsa as we speak. Tulsa’s future is bright for solar whether you’re thinking about solar panels for your home or your business.

Conclusion: Tulsa’s Bright Solar Future

Tom Gilbert’s experience is just one example of the cost-saving potential of solar Tulsa is experiencing. As solar companies in Tulsa continue to improve their technology and services, more residents are poised to enjoy the benefits of solar energy.

Tulsa’s solar power landscape is evolving rapidly, with success stories like Tom Gilbert’s serving as a powerful motivator for others to consider solar. If you’re ready to reduce your electric bills and join the solar movement, our team is eager to help you find the perfect solar solution.

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Note: The data referenced in this blog regarding electric bill savings is based on actual customer experiences in Tulsa.

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