Since 2022, SunHive Collective has been assisting young adults with disabilities in daily living, social and traditional skills.

When one of Solar Power of Oklahoma’s customers approached us in 2023 with the opportunity to give solar to SunHive, we jumped at the opportunity to donate 36 solar panels, a 24 kW Generac gas generator, and labor to help this organization experience energy independence for decades to come.

The solar panel system installed in 2023 provides SunHive with a 20,236 kWh annual offset of its annual energy consumption. This is the gift that will keep on giving for years to come, protecting the organization from things like inflation and rising energy costs.

Keeping operating costs low is always at the forefront of any nonprofit, and we are so incredibly grateful and honored to gift this solar panel system to SunHive in Norman, OK to help them continue the amazing work they’re already doing, without having to stress over a high electric bill.

To learn more about SunHive Collective and the work they’re doing, visit sunhivecollective.com.

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