We are thrilled to announce good news: Industry publication “Solar Power World” has named Solar Power of Oklahoma (SPO) the leading solar contractor in the state for the fifth consecutive year.

Ranking number one in Oklahoma highlights our team’s hard work and dedication. We honor national recognition, take pride in our customer service commitment, and express gratitude to customers who’ve supported us since 2018. Over the past five years, we have installed 15,448 total kilowatts, with approximately one-third of that total in 2022.

Consumer interest continues to drive market demand and we are here for Oklahomans, with more than 60 employees across the state. Being locally owned and operated underscores our commitment to customer service, as formally recognized by another recent honor, Best Renewable Energy Company in the Journal Record’s 2023 Reader Rankings.


“Solar Power World” is the premier media outlet for the U.S. solar market; its audience of solar installers, contractors and developers are our industry peers throughout the country. SPO climbed to #205 from #229 in 2021 and #279 in 2020 among national solar power companies, per publication.


“Solar Power of Oklahoma (SPO) has quickly become the premier solar energy company in Oklahoma. With their “can do” attitude coupled with the fact that they do not sub-out their installations, they have proven to be a customer’s favorite in Oklahoma. Even though residential installs have become their primary market, SPO has not shied away from commercial, industrial as well as utility-scale projects, with several 500-kW+ systems in the works! As a proud member of Amicus, SPO has solidified its position as the thought leader in the Oklahoma solar industry.” — Solar Power World 


Thank you for your support of our business. We look forward to continuing to meet Oklahomans’ renewable energy needs and exceeding their expectations.




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