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At EV Chargers of Oklahoma (EVCO), our goal is to provide you not only an incredible EV charger installation experience, but to also be set up for success with the knowledge you need such as utility charger rebates, federal tax credits, and your EV charger manual. Our EV charger installation experts know all the ins and outs of properly setting up a home EV charging station. Let us help you power your drive.

What EV Charger Tax Credits and Rebates are Available?

Your electric vehicle federal tax credit and local utility rebate can be combined to assist in the cost of your EV charger installation. See below for which credit or rebate your vehicle might qualify for.

Residential EV Charger Testimonial

EVCO installed a Ford Charge Station Pro for Oklahoma’s first-ever Ford F-150 Lightning. The owner, Eli Pagel, was fascinated by the technology and was excited to make the lifestyle change to the electrified truck.

“I’ve been fascinated with the technology for some time now and was primarily interested in its real-world application. I wanted to know how it would perform for myself.” Pagel decided to purchase the truck after comparing it to the traditional performance of an internal combustion engine.

ECVO installed his charger in the garage whereas his previous setup was with a mobile power cord leading to an outbuilding, which is now improved significantly. Charging now completes in under eight hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much to install EV charger at home?

The cost for a home EV charger installation can range between $800-$1,200 depending on distance from your main electrical panel to your installation location.

Can I charge my EV car at home?

Yes, charging your EV at home is actually the most convenient and most affordable way to charger your EV. Many utilities have a special rate for charging your EV over night as low as $0.03/kWh.

How to charge an EV at home.

Charging your EV at home is easy. Almost every EV comes with a charging cable that can plug into a standard wall outlet, but this is what we call a “trickle charge” and will usually take 48+ hours to charge your vehicle. For a quicker charge, this requires an electrician to install a new 240V outlet, or a hardwired unit, which requires a new breaker to be added to your breaker panel.

Our expert electricians at EV Chargers of Oklahoma can assist with any home EV charger needs, including upgraded breaker panels and Level 2 EV Charging solutions.

Does an EV charger increase home value?

Adding an EV charger in your home is one step to begin future proofing your home. As we see more and more electric vehicles in the market, the demand for home charging will grow.

How much does a home EV charging station cost?

The cost for the charging cable or unit itself can range from $200-$1,000 depending on what type of charger you are most interested in. We install every brand of charger on the market, and are happy to discuss your options with you.

Home EV charger brands include Tesla’s Wall Connector, ChargePoint’s Home Flex Charger, ENEL’s Juicebox, and more.

What kind of electric panel do you need for a home EV charger?

Electrical panels vary from house to house, and most panels can handle the addition of an EV Charger. We will perform an analysis of your panel to make sure it is up to electrical code, and what capacity it has to add an EV Charger for your home.

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