Solar Power of Oklahoma’s Commitment to Customer Service

Solar Power of Oklahoma has been a leader in the Oklahoma Solar industry since 2017. We have been leading the charge to transition residents to Energy Independence. Initially, we were one of the few companies offering system design, energy consumption analysis, and solar panel installation in Oklahoma. As the industry grew, so did the number of solar companies.

The solar industry saw a rapid influx of new businesses in late 2019, with only a small fraction surviving today—around 20% to 30%. Economic challenges, lending restrictions, and cautious consumer spending were some of the factors contributing to the downfall or change in the ethics of many solar providers. Unfortunately, this led to a significant number of customers being left in the dark as their service providers vanished or didn’t educate them on the facts.

We emphasize these roadblocks in the industry because as reputable solar experts, we have received numerous distress calls from homeowners, news stations, and OK government offices seeking our help for the customers that have been left stranded or deceived by their previous solar providers.

In contrast, our approach to customer care is proactive and comprehensive. We not only welcome new customers with open arms but also work diligently to turn their solar journey into a success story. We focus on the Customer Experience and our commitment goes far beyond the installation phase; we offer reliable warranties and maintenance services to ensure that your solar system performs optimally for years to come.

We recognize that the negative experiences with unreliable installers have created hurdles for the renewable energy sector. Therefore, we are determined to change the narrative and remain a leading advocate for renewable energy in Oklahoma. Our mission is to re-establish the trust of those who have been forgotten or deceived by other companies.

Whether you have a perfectly functioning solar system or are facing issues, Solar Power of Oklahoma is your local resource for premier solar service. Don’t hesitate to contact our service department to have a conversation about how SPO can assist you with all your solar needs.

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