The future of home and business EV charging reaches a new level today as Solar Power of Oklahoma is excited to introduce their newest subsidiary, EV Chargers of Oklahoma (EVCO).

Trusted Solar Energy Company Launches New Brand

EV Chargers of Oklahoma (EVCO) is committed to enriching your EV charging experience. With a focus on convenience and affordability, we’re installing Level 2 and Level 3 EV chargers at homes, businesses, and fleets. Currently, over 150 chargers are operational across the state, ready to power your EVs.

Our skilled installation team, comprised of licensed electricians, ensures seamless integration of chargers from various manufacturers, including Tesla and ChargePoint. This dedication to expertise guarantees a reliable and standardized charging network.

The exponential growth of electric vehicle production in the United States has resonated strongly in Oklahoma. Backed by the Inflation Reduction Act’s EV incentives, EV adoption is soaring, highlighting the need for accessible and widespread charging.

Justin Miles, Head of EV Charging at EVCO, emphasizes the importance of charging convenience: “Our charging infrastructure aligns with evolving federal policies and Governor Kevin Stitt’s energy strategy. EVCO is here to provide effortless charging at home, work, or leisure.”

EV Chargers of Oklahoma’s roots lie in Solar Power of Oklahoma, renowned for pioneering solar energy solutions. This synergy between solar power and EV technology showcases our commitment to a sustainable energy landscape.

As the state’s leading EV charging company, EVCO is dedicated to empowering your electric vehicle journey, one charge at a time. Stay connected with EV Chargers of Oklahoma’s efforts by visiting evchargersok.com or by following EVCO on Instagram.

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