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Since our founding in 2017, Solar Power of Oklahoma has helped organizations save money while reducing their carbon footprint.

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Asked Questions:

  • What Payback Period can I expect from a Solar Investment?+

    Payback Period varies depending on the type of business purchasing the solar system and what type of incentives they will specifically qualify for, but our customers typically see anywhere between 3-6 years for their Payback Period.

  • What kind of IRR will solar produce?+

    The Internal Rate of Return (IRR) also varies largely depending on the incentives and funding sources the business can qualify for. Customers see a much higher IRR than their Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC).

  • Will we use the same types of products that you do on a residential system? Or is it different?+

    On large scale projects we use Commercial-Grade products and materials. This means larger panels, more robust inverter systems and stronger mounting products.

  • Will the existing utility infrastructure be able to handle a commercial-grade solar system?+

    In most cases the existing utility infrastructure will be able to handle your solar system. It is best to consult with our commercial team before embarking on your solar investment. We will do a site analysis and determine if the current infrastructure is adequate for your unique situation.

  • What kind of tax credits are available for me as a commercial customer?+

    Commercial customers are eligible for the 30% Investment Tax Credit and up to a 70% Investment Tax Credit based on the Inflation Reduction Act.

  • Is a commercial solar system eligible for MACRS depreciation?+

    Yes, this type of investment can be depreciated using the MACRS table.

  • Do you offer commercial financing?+

    Yes, we have partnered with some of the best Commercial Solar Lenders in the nation. Our team will ensure you get the best financing at the best available rates.

  • Is commercial-grade battery backup available?+

    Yes, we do offer commercial-grade battery backup. We design a different type of battery backup option for every customer to accomplish their own unique needs and goals.

  • Can Solar Power of Oklahoma assist in the financial modeling of this system’s performance?+

    Our Commercial Solar Team is happy to assist you in the financial evaluation of this investment. Solar Power of Oklahoma is well-versed in corporate finance and can provide extremely detailed financial models for entities of all sizes.

  • Do I need to do a PPA?+

    No, a PPA is not required for a commercial solar system. Typically, a business will install a solar system to use or self consume its power on site. Since this question is best answered by our Commercial Team, if you are interested in learning what’s best for your company, we recommend booking an introductory call with our team to learn more.

Government Incentives

Turn your solar purchase into a savvy investment. Read this U.S. Department Of Energy Guide to Federal Solar Tax Credits for Businesses & Non-profits

2023 Updates: 30% Investment Tax Credit is available for commercial solar projects under 1MW AC.

USDA REAP Grant is available to rural small businesses and covers up to 40% of solar project costs. Solar Power of Oklahoma provides REAP grant writing. Learn more about REAP grants here.

Lower Operating Costs

Solar Power of Oklahoma helps your business generate its own electricity. As electric rates continue to go up, so will your savings.

Green is the New Black!

Let your community and customers know you’re equipped to support green initiatives, create a sustainable future, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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