Making sure your house is cool during the summer does not have to mean higher electricity bills!

While Oklahoma summers are known for the type of extreme heat that makes air conditioning a necessity, getting to a lower temperature doesn’t have to mean a higher electricity bill. More customers than ever are flipping the switch on their energy consumption by going solar, as highlighted in a recent FOX 25 interview.


“This spring, we saw a huge uptick, with more than 50% more units sold than in any other month since we started the business in 2017,” said J.W. Peters, co-owner of Solar Power of Oklahoma. “Solar power is an excellent household investment. Our customers notice savings year over year.”

solar tax credit extended through 2022 also makes the investment more attractive, with the ability for homeowners to deduct up to 26% of the cost of common installation expenses like labor, equipment and sales tax. It is a dollar-for-dollar tax deduction available to both cash customers and those who use financing options.


“With summer on the horizon, now is an excellent time to track your utility bills and consider how investing in solar power could work to lower the costs you see month after month, year after year,” said Peters. “We consistently see short- and long-term gain. Solar power is an investment but some of the return makes a difference right away, and in more ways than one, with positive impacts on family budgets and also for the environment.”


Customers who were home more throughout the past year may have noticed higher electricity bills due to more usage, an unexpected result of the COVID-19 pandemic; while environmental concerns are a driving factor for some solar customers, many homeowners choose solar power as a way to lower their utility bills. Converting to solar power adds to property value and cuts energy costs by nearly half, on average, throughout the system’s lifetime.


After this past winter’s harsh storms and high heating bills, consumers have sought solar power as an alternative they have more control over, especially as rate increases loom.


Net metering, the practice by which utility companies actually credit consumers back for the energy they add to the power grid, gives participating homeowners a way to bring consistency to electric bills, even on cloudy days. Battery storage systems also work as a way to keep lights, heating and cooling systems on when the power is out, an option also driving increased demand due to winter blackouts.

Market share and local use of alternative energy have increased steadily over the past five years. In fact, more than 30% of Oklahoma’s energy came from renewable sources in 2019, according to the 
U.S. Energy Information Administration. The City of Norman has joined the nationwide Ready for 100 campaign, an initiative bolstered by the official commitment of cities throughout the nation to use 100% renewable energy for electricity by 2035 and across all sectors by 2050.


Solar Power of Oklahoma’s experts meet local needs, year in and year out, through our state’s extreme weather. If you have questions about solar power and whether it could be a good fit for your home, fill out the form below to connect with a solar advisor.

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