8 Solar Power of Oklahoma Customers Share Their Solar Testimony

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A Beautiful Installation of a Solar System.

Our “stay sunny” motto here at Solar Power of Oklahoma, one of the top solar power companies in Oklahoma, reflects the way we approach doing business: with optimism for the future. We see firsthand the ways SPO customers save money and contribute to sustainable practices in communities throughout our state. Sharing their experiences, in their own words, our customers let us know how we’re doing, and more importantly, how solar is working out for them.

Choosing solar for your household is a big decision. Talking with others who have made the move can help. Here are some of our customers’ comments from recent blog posts. More about their experience is available by clicking on each name:


Big decision made simple

“Solar power can seem like a daunting choice because you can get so lost in the numbers and acronyms but it’s actually really simple: use less and use smart. It’s not as hard and scary as it has to be when you have experts to guide you. We found that with Solar Power of Oklahoma. They made it really simple to understand.”   Kristine Waits, Stillwater

Investment in your forever home


“It’s really an investment in your ‘forever home’ that pays for itself while making lower utility bills possible.”  Jeff Jarret, Norman

Savings on utility bills

“Our savings has been just tremendous. The system is paying for itself. We can run high energy items during the day and don’t have to draw any power off the grid at all. Our last power bill was $12, and the one before that was $10.  Bill Swigert, Oklahoma City


Financing options and tax credits


“Sustainability is part of my work, and renewable energy has been on my mind for decades. We were trying to figure out how we could do something more as a family but my husband and I assumed it would not be financially feasible at this phase, with young children at home. We thought it would be an investment in excess of $30,000 to $40,000 but that wasn’t the case. Between the available tax credits, low-interest financing and reduced utility bills, the panels basically pay for themselves.”  Kylah McNabb, Moore

Utility independence

“We are really pleased with the system overall, and I would recommend it to others,” he said. “Our utilities have gone down quite a bit, and we’re prepared for anything now when it comes to our power system.”  John McCosh, Piedmont

Knowledgeable service


“Solar Power of Oklahoma’s set-up was the most fair and presented an accurate assessment for us. Our family members helped vet all the proposals, so they helped us evaluate what the appropriate price per watt rate for commercial and residential space should be. We felt really comfortable from a customer service standpoint too, with local service and having more technicians available nearby.”  Nimish Parekh, Edmond


“They’re very thorough as far as answering all my questions, explaining everything to me from start to finish. I’m very happy.” — Jeffery Fait, Newcastle 


We love working with customers and look forward to serving more Oklahomans this year as we open a new location in Tulsa. Fill out the form below to tour our Oklahoma City showroom or get in touch with a solar advisor to find out more about options for your home.

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