Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Solar, and Why 2022 is Your Year to Make the Switch

Go Solar

A lot of people in Oklahoma are held back from going solar because of a lack of research about what solar offers in terms of financial benefits and the overall quality of the product. We want to dispel myths, provide information, and show you why solar might be a great option for you. Below are 12 reasons why we think you should go solar in 2022:

30% Federal Tax Credit

Get a 30% federal tax credit on your solar investment, reducing your tax liability for 2022. Consult a tax professional for personalized advice.


No Upfront Cost

Get solar with no upfront cost and super low-interest rates as low as 0.99% for eligible homeowners in 2022.


Net Metering

Net metering allows homeowners with solar power systems to earn credits by putting excess electricity back on the grid, reducing their bills.


Reliability and Durability

Solar power equipment is extremely durable and reliable! The panels themselves are built to last at least 30 years. We only install equipment that is rated to withstand Oklahoma’s hail and high winds. With over 2,000 installs in Oklahoma, we’ve yet to lose a solar panel to hail. The racking system the panels are installed on can withstand winds in excess of 150mph! With the increased quality of solar panels, degradation is minimal and solar panels are still expected to produce at least, if not more, than 80% of what they were manufactured to produce at the 30-year mark! 


Peace of Mind

With solar plus storage, homeowners can have peace of mind during a grid outage. Solar power storage allows homeowners to continue to power their homes even with the electric companies’ grids are down. So, when your system is powering your home, the excess electricity will charge up the solar batteries allowing your home to then be powered by those batteries in the event of a grid outage. 


Avoiding Rate Increases

While electric rates in Oklahoma are considerably less than those nationwide, rates are still increasing. Homeowners that have their own solar power systems continue to save money while avoiding those inevitable rate increases. If the electric rates increase, the rate of credit also increases for homeowners utilizing net metering programs with their electric companies. So, the savings keep growing year after year!


Increased Home Value

For those who install solar, the national average in increased home value is $15,000.  On top of saving money on electricity, property appraisers are now considering how solar power systems actually increase the value of your home! Win-Win! 



Solar power equipment is now less expensive than ever. Solar panel prices have decreased by over 80% in the last 10 years making going solar an even more significant savings opportunity and more affordable for homeowners.



Since the power from solar panels is generated by the sun, solar energy is MUCH more sustainable than fossil fuels. Solar power is renewable energy powered by the most sustainable resource we have: THE SUN!


Reduced Carbon Footprint

Since solar power is a clean and renewable energy, it can help reduce CO2 emissions reducing your carbon footprint. Solar power is produced from the sun’s energy greatly decreasing your carbon footprint without burning CO2-emitting fossil fuels like traditional electricity.

Great ROI

On average, homeowners can reach a full ROI in as little as 8 years. With the federal tax credit, net metering and lower cost of equipment, full ROI is shorter than ever. For a 30+ year system, 8 years is a great return on investment time frame.



Booming Employment Opportunities

The solar industry is growing more rapidly than any other energy industry. With solar being a more affordable option than ever before, solar power is in high demand. With high demand comes more opportunities for employment thus stimulating our economy even more. Wages for solar positions are usually higher than in similar industries as well. 


Thank you for stopping by and learning more about how solar could be right for your home. Need more info? Feel free to give us a call at (405) 254-7807 or contact us with any questions regarding your solar needs.

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