$1,000 referral | Track your installation process, access critical monitoring data, and make referrals for a $1,000 bonus.

At Solar Power of Oklahoma, our commitment to customer service shines through all we do. With dedicated solar advisors as a primary point of contact, we establish relationships so our customers know who to count on throughout the installation process and beyond. Customers also have access to services through our free app for 24/7 information and next steps.

The Solar Power of Oklahoma app is available in 
Apple’s App Store and on Google Play. 


Three reasons to download our app

1. Track your installation process: New customers can view project stages throughout the installation process in real time, from beginning to end, through the design phase and permitting process, with updates on inspections and notification of official permission to operate. The app connects you with a solar advisor and lets you upload documents for submission.

2. Access critical monitoring data: Access your usage dashboard to make the most of additional features through Enphase Energy, Generac, Solar Edge and other product partners. Make usage adjustments as needed and find out about best practices from a single platform.

3. Make a referral for a $1,000 bonus: Referrals streamline the process for our solar advisors. Focusing our efforts by meeting Oklahomans already interested in solar gives us the opportunity to answer potential customers’ questions and evaluate solar as a possible fit for their home or business. We can’t thank our customers enough for helping us make introductions. The $1,000 bonus speaks to our appreciation. Customers can track the referral process through the app, from first contact to a closed deal. Read more about one customer who has made more than 20 referrals to date.

If you are considering solar for your home, read more about 
how to take advantage of new tax incentives and how solar power can make for a more predictable budget. If you have questions, please fill out the form below or call us at 405-254-7807.

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