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Frequently Asked

  • How does the 30% tax credit work?+

    The solar tax credit is a credit that is used to reduce your tax liability. So, when it’s time to submit your taxes and you owe money to the IRS, you would use your solar tax credit to cancel out your IRS bill with the value of your tax credit. The tax credit is exactly what it says it is, a credit. Not a deduction or a rebate.

  • Why are there so many out-of-state door knockers right now?+

    If you’re a homeowner and live in Oklahoma, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve been door knocked by an out-of-state solar door knocker. At Solar Power of Oklahoma, we choose to be ethical and serve our local communities, which means not bugging our neighbors at dinner time.

    A common scam to watch out for right now is having a special “buy back program” or being “partnered with the utility company.” Neither of these claims are true and out-of-state door knocking companies are notorious for locking people into overpriced contracts. We’ve been featured in the news multiple times this year helping homeowners get out of these types of contracts.

    Want to learn how to speak to one of these companies if they show up unannounced at your door? Watch our newest YouTube video titled “3 Tips On How to Deal with Out-of-State Solar Door Knockers.”

  • Will hail damage my solar array?+

    Our panels are rated to withstand 1-inch hail at 50 mph winds. Solar panels are rated that way because that’s how much your typical shingled roof is rated to withstand, although our panels can typically handle much more. We had 39 instances in 2022 where we partnered with different roofers to replace a roof because of hail, but the solar panels were 100% in tact and were abled to be re-installed. Oklahoma weather is tough, but our panels are tougher.

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Dylan | Broken Arrow, OK

“I’ve loved working with SPO from the beginning. It was never high pressure sales tactics, he laid out how it works, what it cost, the process and timeframe and allowed my wife and I to thoroughly consider if it was right for us.”

Cynthia | Maud, OK

“Solar Power of Oklahoma was very friendly, helpful and expeditious in handling my solar needs. I would recommend them to others without reservation.”

Joshua | Haskell, OK

“SPO did an excellent job on the installation of my system. Employees were very respectful and informative of what they were doing. My solar advisor was very professional and respectful. Highly recommend SPO for your solar needs. Thanks SPO.”

Our Story

In 2017 our founders Kevin Jones and J.W. Peters started Solar Power of Oklahoma (SPO) with the goal of helping Oklahomans cut costs on their monthly electric bills.

We started the company installing solar on hot Oklahoma roofs with a crew of five people. Today, we have more than 65 employees in OKC & Tulsa and more than 120,000 solar panels installed in Oklahoma.

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